The Cygnus Vision

We exist for our students!

We nurture the torch bearers of tomorrow who will have a well formed rather than just a well filled mind, who will have the ability to think and make decisions, who will have the confidence to assume leadership roles and who take pride in being Indian.

Blue, Green and White

The name ‘Cygnus’ comes from the swan-shaped northern constellation that aptly personifies our school’s aim of nurturing every child to soar high and reach for the stars. The swan is also the carrier of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. This amalgamation of both the Indian and western culture, allows us to depict the nature of our global education.

The colour blue signifies open skies while the green highlights the earth below. Together, these two colours enunciate our approach in preparing our children to soar high while keeping them grounded.

Igniting curiosity. Honing ability.

Our belief is that education is an exhilarating, interactive, life long experience. Education can be complete only when it is multi-faceted and blends academics, sports, art, music, nature and value education.

Our objective is to provide qualitative, holistic, child centered education in a progressive, secure and aesthetically designed campus.

Our goal is to nurture children who will guide us into a better, more promising future. But most of all, we hope that no matter what field our children choose to pursue, they continuously progress in it because of their kindness and virtue.

The Golden
Triangle approach

Our golden triangle of continuous progression, brings together the students, teachers and the parents to bind them in the Cygnus love.


We give our children the freedom to be a star. With excellent academics taught by the best faculty, we encourage them to go beyond books. Academic education at Cygnus involves practical experiences, team work, leadership and building of technical skills by availing top-notch facilities.


An environment that not only focuses on the growth of students, but also the development and training of teachers and staff members. Our faculty is a family that learns together and grows together through trust, participation, and transparency.


We believe in maintaining continuous communication with the parents of Cygnus World School. Our enrichment programmes let you access any information that you require and provide due feedback; be it about the students or about the campus processes.