Understanding Individuals And their learning requirements.

When our children begin middle school, we understand the requirements of young adults who are growing and exploring the world. Cygnus supports the budding teenager in them and provides them with the right tools of encouragement.

We introduce a STEM-based learning system from middle school, that helps our students perceive learning through their own problem-solving abilities.

The Principal

The Curriculum


For a further insight into what it means to be a part of Cygnus World School and more about our approach towards nurturing individuals into the torch bearers of tomorrow:

Skill-building across multidimensional platforms

We encourage our students to specialize in their co-curricular activities and participate in various competitions within and outside of campus.

  • Physical education and introduction to yoga and meditation for holistic development.
  • Co-curricular activities ranging across art, sculpture, dance, music, drama and more.
  • Celebrations, events, club activities, and exhibitions to provide a rich socio-cultural life at school.
  • Educational trips and excursions to state-of-the-art facilities, historical landmarks, and industries.

Developing each child’s unique ability

At the middle school stage of learning, our students are challenged with academic progression that aims to make them aware of their individual analytical skills.

  • The curriculum follows CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education guidelines.
  • STEM-based learning programmes for the students that help broaden the understanding of textbook knowledge through practical lessons.
  • Course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is conducted to prepare the students for the current technological environment.
  • Third language is introduced wherein children have the option to choose between Gujarati, Sanskrit, or German.

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The Cygnus Parents

Along with our students, we also maintain a close-knit relationship with their parents. After all, you are their first teacher!

Here is what the parents of middle school students at Cygnus World School have to say about us:

When our children joined Cygnus World School, they got an excellent balance of academics and sports. With lots of extracurricular activities, they are able to gain practical knowledge required in life. My elder son is very happy to join the football team and regularly attends practice sessions. Cygnus team also took care of my younger son who is in grade 1 and helped him complete pending courses. We are happy with our decision to join Cygnus World School.

Kirtan Bhatt
P/o Vishwam Bhatt
Grade: Grade 6

The world suddenly changed from 2020 and we all had to suddenly adapt to the new way of life. It was most difficult for the students because online became the new norm. But I have seen that the teachers and management of Cygnus made sure that this new way of life did not affect the students that much. They helped them all the way from learning to delivering. This change is new for everyone, but the teachers and management did not bow down in front of the many difficulties that came their way and conquered all difficulties with equal zeal.

Chaitali Patel
P/o Kaavya Patel and Kayaan Patel
Grade: Grade 8

Cygnus World School is the best school in Vadodara and we are proud parents to say that the school environment is very good and child friendly. My son loves to go to school and participate in all the activities. The school takes care of the suggestions provided by parents and actively responds to them. Attention is given to every single detail; right from the curriculum, extra co-curricular, hygiene, physical fitness, the cleanliness of the restrooms, etc. The school has a kid-friendly, secure, pleasing ambience. The most important aspect is the amazing individual attention given to the kids. Each day is filled with a variety of activities that make the kid look forward to coming to school. Their staff is highly experienced and understands their wards very well. They really give meaning to ‘out of the box learning'. Rather than stuffing the kids with knowledge, they are made to think and evaluate, thereby enhancing overall development.

Sumedha Chaturvedi
P/o Prakhar Chaturvedi
Grade: Grade 8

Cygnus World School is synonymous with green. For me, it’s a community of caring and concerned teachers. Children learn values, pray together and even give back to society with a purpose; all these are extremely important in today’s world.

Purvi Khosla
P/o Rishona Khosla
Grade: Grade 6

We are very much thankful and impressed with the continuous support, care, warmth, and encouragement extended by all the teachers, head secondary and principal madam. The school truly is the epitome of excellence in a world-class education and focuses on the all-around development of a student. Indeed, a home away from home!

Atul Jain
P/o Hemakshi Jain
Grade: Grade 6

A Clean, Green and Smart Campus

Spread across 7.3 acres of land, our campus houses a separate middle school infrastructure with its own
designated playground and co-curricular activity areas.

For Green construction and eco-friendly infrastructure of the school.

For availing Green and sustainable practices within the school.

For maintaining clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Bulletin Board


Taksh Patel of Grade 11 A- National Round of KenKen Math Olympiad – India Edition 2023

Dear Parents,

Taksh Patel of Grade 11 A makes us proud. This bright KenKen puzzle player of the school continues to shine in the world of KenKen Olympiad and proves his mettle time and again.

He recently participated in the "National Round of KenKen Math Olympiad – India Edition 2023" held at Mumbai University, Mumbai. We are proud to announce that he won the national round and appeared for the online international round in the month of March 2024 and won a gold medal and certificate. As a result of winning these rounds he was awarded with a trophy, certificate and a tour to NASA.

We share the joy of his success with the entire Cygnus family and congratulate his parents and him for this wonderful achievement.

Way to go, Taksh!


OUT AND ABOUT TRIP - Grade 1 to 5

Dear Parents,

The students of Grades I to V had Out and About trips as a unique learning experience outside the classroom. They got practical insights into various industries and environments.

Grade IV toured the Special School - Sankul on June 20, 2024 to understand the importance of inclusion. Grade V visited a Printing Press on the same day where they learnt about the printing technology and its significance.

Grade I visited the Muffins Factory on June 25, 2024, where they learned about the process of baking and production while Grade II explored the Balloon Factory on the same day, understanding how balloons are made.

Grade III visited the aviary on June 26, 2024, gaining knowledge about different bird species, their habits and habitats.

These field trips provided valuable hands-on learning experiences, enhancing the students' understanding of various fields.

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