Academic Facilities

The Cygnus belief of providing a complete learning environment, is materialised onto our campus that is spread over 7.3 acres of clean and green land.

The First Green
School in Vadodara

Our infrastructure and maintenance is eco-friendly and sustainable to its core. Cygnus World School has been honoured with IGBC and LEEDS certification for following environmentally responsible practices.

A Dynamic
Campus Life

Cygnites enjoy a multi-dimensional campus environment; filled with a notion of celebrating the wonders of education, every single day. Their school embodies the Cygnus love; it is not just a place for curriculum-based learning, but a place where they can express themselves creatively.

Faculty Training
and Advancement

In order to teach the best, our educators keep themselves updated according to the requirements of the modern world. Cygnus enhances faculty life through workshops, courses and other interactive training methods.