Setting the Stage For lifelong learning.

Under Cheviot Kids, we house a nurturing mindset that allows young children to be curious and explore new horizons of learning. We strive to create an initial benchmark of age-appropriate teachings that further kindle a yearning for knowledge.

Cheviot Kids is a school with a big Heart and the children are our heartbeat

Aparna Maheshwari

The Curriculum


For a further insight into what it means to be a Cheviot kid and more about our approach towards nurturing individuals into the torch bearers of tomorrow:

Experience fun-learning

At Cheviot Kids, we believe that learning and fun should always go together!

  • With a wide range of extra-curricular activities and gamified teaching, our students get a holistic learning experience.
  • A safe and secure environment for your child that allows them to be the best version of themselves.
  • Building real life-skills through cognitive learning, cultural sensitization and environmental consciousness.

Uniquely modulated schedule

The nursery and pre-primary schedule has been designed to meet the requirements of budding young-ones, to provide them with utmost attention and care.

  • Our individualistic approach towards teaching the basic skills of reading, writing and numericals, makes it easier for children to retain their attention.
  • We create an environment that seamlessly allows the child to upgrade into primary schooling and begin Grade 1 with a strong base.
  • With interactive and application-based learning modules, we encourage children to form their own unique path towards problem-solving.

Enroll your Child

Pick the ideal institution to kick-start your child's academic journey, and witness them thrive in an environment that is designed to be a learning nest away from home.

The Cheviot Parents

Along with our students, we also maintain a close-knit relationship with their parents. After all, you are their first teacher!

Here is what the parents of Cheviot Kids have to say about us:

It was an amazing experience because the school approach towards students is so different in the sense that it only brings out the best in them. Special heartfelt thanks to all my daughters’ teachers.

Alhana Chavan
P/o Sanaya Chavan
Grade: Foundation

At Cheviot Kids, the teachers focus on the all-round development of children, and our daughter has immensely benefitted from this! We also particularly like the systematic and diligent way in which academic activities are conducted by the teachers.

Mrs. Arvind
P/o Swara Arvind
Grade: Senior KG

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers and educators of Cheviot Kids for putting your heart and soul into making online studies interesting for my daughter. Hard work and different teaching methods used by the teachers during online classes are really appreciated.

Niral Shah
P/o Kayrah Shah
Grade: Junior KG

We are continuously impressed by how Cheviot Kids nurtures and guides our children while providing the strong structure they need in their early years. Every day when I drop off my kids in the morning, I am reassured that the values taught at home are the same values demonstrated at school. The academics are exceptional but the best aspect is the character development program that makes the kids ready to tackle what is ahead of them in their future years.

Kushal and Dipti Giletwala
P/o Vidushi Giletwala
Grade: Foundation

Thank you for your support and communication from time to time, which allows us to know the continuous progress overall development of our child. Looking forward to the same kind of progress for my kid in the next school years to come.

Chandana Patel
P/o Shruti R. Patel
Grade: Junior KG

A Clean, Green and Smart Campus

Spread across 7.3 acres of land, our campus houses a separate high school infrastructure with its own
designated sports ground and multidisciplinary areas.

For Green construction and eco-friendly infrastructure of the school.

For availing Green and sustainable practices within the school.

For maintaining clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Bulletin Board


Taksh Patel of Grade 11 A- National Round of KenKen Math Olympiad – India Edition 2023

Dear Parents,

Taksh Patel of Grade 11 A makes us proud. This bright KenKen puzzle player of the school continues to shine in the world of KenKen Olympiad and proves his mettle time and again.

He recently participated in the "National Round of KenKen Math Olympiad – India Edition 2023" held at Mumbai University, Mumbai. We are proud to announce that he won the national round and appeared for the online international round in the month of March 2024 and won a gold medal and certificate. As a result of winning these rounds he was awarded with a trophy, certificate and a tour to NASA.

We share the joy of his success with the entire Cygnus family and congratulate his parents and him for this wonderful achievement.

Way to go, Taksh!


OUT AND ABOUT TRIP - Grade 1 to 5

Dear Parents,

The students of Grades I to V had Out and About trips as a unique learning experience outside the classroom. They got practical insights into various industries and environments.

Grade IV toured the Special School - Sankul on June 20, 2024 to understand the importance of inclusion. Grade V visited a Printing Press on the same day where they learnt about the printing technology and its significance.

Grade I visited the Muffins Factory on June 25, 2024, where they learned about the process of baking and production while Grade II explored the Balloon Factory on the same day, understanding how balloons are made.

Grade III visited the aviary on June 26, 2024, gaining knowledge about different bird species, their habits and habitats.

These field trips provided valuable hands-on learning experiences, enhancing the students' understanding of various fields.

A Hub for your Child's Complete Academic Journey

Our building blocks of knowledge cater to the budding requirements of each age-group.