Providing a Platform For foundational understanding.

Within the primary school of Cygnus World School, we take extra care in understanding the core competencies of every child, while at the same time also familiarizing them with multidisciplinary subjects like Maths, Science, Social sciences, and Linguistics.

Our main focus throughout the primary schooling of our children is to make sure that they are able to understand the basics of different topics, so that they have a strong grasp during the next stages of learning.

The Principal

The Curriculum

Honing excellence; right from the beginning

The schedule for primary schooling follows, both a theoretical as well as a practical approach, in order to create a ‘learn and apply’ cycle.

  • Children are shifted under the curriculum followed by CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • Alongside textbook learning, our students are also introduced to various curricular competitions to keep them at par with each other.
  • The children also begin learning a second language, Hindi from Grade 1.

Immerse into the Cygnus lifestyle

We introduce our children to various activities in order to immerse them into a rich and cultural schooling environment.

  • Physical education and introduction to yoga and meditation for holistic development.
  • Co-curricular activities ranging across art, sculpture, dance, music, drama and more.
  • Celebrations, events, and in-house club activities that allow our students to build their individualistic skills.
  • Educational trips and excursions to state-of-the-art facilities, historical landmarks, and industries.


For a further insight into what it means to be a part of Cygnus World School and more about our approach towards nurturing individuals into the torch bearers of tomorrow:

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The Cygnus Parents

Along with our students, we also maintain a close-knit relationship with their parents. After all, you are their first teacher!

Here is what the parents of primary school students at Cygnus World School have to say about us:

Cygnus World School works on the overall development of the child and the quality of teaching is excellent! The atmosphere here is very positive and attention is paid to values, good manners and discipline. The teachers and coordinators are also very well trained and that is what makes Cygnus, undoubtedly the best school in town.
Meenakshi Ajwani
P/o Soham Ajwani
Grade: II
It is a treat to watch our children grow with a lot of vibrance and confidence in what they do. The teachers in the school are able to constantly monitor and guide them to bring out their strengths as well as areas in which they can improve. This gives the children a clear sense of direction for development. We thank all the teachers and the management of Cygnus World School from the bottom of our hearts for providing this great support and showing genuine concern for the true development of all the children who are enrolled with them.
P/o Mahima Shankar
Grade: IV
Awesome teachers, exemplary leadership & super dedicated staff! This sums up why my child and I love Cygnus World School. The online teaching exceeded my expectations and I am very influenced by the precise, timely and quality education offered by the school along with the smooth conduction of classes. Thanks for planting the seeds of knowledge.
Shraddha Singh
P/o Naavya Singh
Grade: II
Cygnus’s philosophy of seeking feedback and being agile in implementing changes is the hallmark of a great institution. Efforts by the entire team during the pandemic are an affirmation of a high level of education and a futuristic view of shaping curious little minds. The school’s adaptability to new virtual tools and challenging ideas has accelerated the kid's growth towards a creative and technical bent of mind.
Kinjal Desai
P/o Kiaan Desai
Grade: IV
As a parent of Cygnus World School since 2012, I have witnessed the school evolve as a great institution and reinforce positive values that aim at bringing out the best in each child. My children have developed a great sense of school spirit, camaraderie with their peers, discipline and respect. This is all thanks to the warm and motivated approach of the teachers.
Radha Shah
P/o Kanishka Shah
Grade: V

A Clean, Green and Smart Campus

Spread across 7.3 acres of land, our campus houses a separate primary school infrastructure with its own
designated playground and co-curricular activity areas.

For Green construction and eco-friendly infrastructure of the school.
For availing Green and sustainable practices within the school.
For maintaining clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Bulletin Board


Nanhe Sitare

An inter-school competition organized by Anand Prep Academy for the little champs. The children engaged in interesting and fun-filled activities. Cheviot Kids enthusiastically participated and won laurels for their brilliant performances.



Rakshabandhan was celebrated enthusiastically with our Cheviot children on the 20th of August, 2021. The celebration began with a video that made the children aware that we also have to love and respect all the support members of the society, with a special mention of loving and protecting Earth. Our kids tied the Rakhi to a plant and took an oath to protect and grow more plants. This way " Vriksha Bandhan" was celebrated auspiciously and children had a blast dancing at the end of the session.

A Hub for your Child's Complete Academic Journey

Our building blocks of knowledge cater to the budding requirements of each age-group.