Training and Development

We aim to provide an excellent work environment to our faculty and educators!

Cygnus provides a transparent working environment with an open door policy. We also have a number of training workshops and programmes for our staff members. Through various team building exercises, trips and taking interactive courses like Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Trainers (MIEET); our teachers keep themselves up-to-date with the requirements of the modern world.

Faculty Testimonials

Our community is made of our children and the teachers that work hard in enabling them to grow.
Here is what our faculty has to say about Cygnus World School:

Cygnus and Cheviot has been a basket of opportunities for me… with each passing year, I have been provided with prospects to upscale my skills. Every day the best version of me has emerged. I have grown and evolved as an individual. The positive work environment gives me the space to follow my heart but yet work in a controlled environment. With each passing year, my bond with the school is becoming deeper and deeper.

Aparna Maheshwari
HOD - Cheviot Kids

A decade of working with Cygnus World School and Cheviot Kids has planted the seeds of learning, confidence, hope, peace and happiness in me. I truly believe that a life as an educator begins the day you realize that you are always a learner and Cheviot and Cygnus has provided me and my students zillions of such wonderful opportunities to learn and grow together. Not only have I evolved as an educator, facilitator, a leader, and a learner but much more as a human being and as a global citizen. The learning is boundless being a part of this prestigious organization. We are continuously thriving to ignite the fire of learning because education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. So I thank this amazing school of thought to accept me as a part of their family. Words shall always fall short to express my gratitude.

Devyani Chatterjee
Coordinator for Senior K.G.

Cygnus World School for me is more than a work place; it is a ‘Happy place’ where there is constant encouragement, opportunities for teachers to gain exposure in various fields. The school always looks at providing the teachers with a professional development and mentors to guide us and provide us with all kinds of resources for it. Working at Cygnus helped me develop as an individual and broadened my views on education as well as life! I learned new teaching methods and techniques which enhance my teaching. The best thing I always admire about Cygnus is that every member at Cygnus is treated respectfully and welcomed at the same pace. ‘Team work’ is our strength and management, administration, teachers all are extremely cooperative.

Shyama Singh
Coordinator for Grade VI-VIII, Hindi

I am extremely delighted to be associated with Cygnus World School for more than 5 years as a senior Math Faculty. Cygnus is ever in pursuit of excellence, new concepts, innovative teaching methodologies and continuous growth to match the international standards which paves the way for growth and development of both the students and the teachers. At Cygnus, the student’s intellects, talents and gifts are groomed to stretch themselves and become the best they can be. The Cygnus Management always encourages the Cygnus Family members to adapt, acquire new skills and restructure our ways which lead to the success during the testing Pandemic times. The CWS infrastructure, its ambience and the green environment initiatives sets the right tone for the social values it upholds.

Coordinator for Grade VI-XII, Maths

I am very proud and honored to be associated with Cygnus World School since its inception and see the school grow from its humble beginnings to an institute which now has the latest state of the art facilities and infrastructure. Working at CWS for over ten years has helped me develop as an individual holistically as I got to experience different aspects of teaching, care giving and collaborations, which broadened my view on an entirety. The profusion of activities, field trips, the learner centered, student friendly approach in this school are means to explore beyond the realms of the curriculum. The working atmosphere here is very positive and proactive, and it fosters a spirit of cooperation among all teaching and non-teaching staff. I have had the opportunities to gain exposure to various teaching and leadership roles. It is indeed a privilege to be a part of the CWS team that is keen on pursuing excellence in education.

Hadrian D’Cruz
Teacher - English and Social Science

Cygnus is a thriving hub education not only for the students but also for the teachers! The school provides ample opportunities for the teacher’ professional development as well as personal development. My long association with Cygnus has made me not only strong teacher but also a powerful leader who is ready to accept new and challenging situations with complete determination and strength.

Sakina Abbasali Giniwala
Head of Primary - Theme

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