Guiding with Care For the next step in life.

High school is when our children start preparing for central-board examinations, and are faced with the decision to pick and specialise in their chosen stream. Cygnus is present to guide our students through the entire process up until their final days as Cygnites.

We try our best at this stage to be there for our children at any time that they may require us. We provide them with guidance and counselling sessions to help them make a decision that is right for them.
The Principal

The Curriculum

Stream-based focus and assessment

In the final stage of our children’s formal schooling, we support them throughout the complete process of board preparation, stream selection, and even providing counselling for college decisions.

  • The curriculum follows CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education guidelines.
  • Remedial classes and coaching sessions provided to students.
  • Sample board-paper discussions and laboratory activities.
  • The school provides three streams post completion of board examinations: Science, Commerce and Humanities.
  • Preparatory leaves and tie-ups with offshore coaching centres for additional academic support.

Nurturing professional growth

Even in the high school stage of our students' academic life, we encourage them to maintain a balance between sports, activities and studies.

  • Professional development of sports, art and culture enthusiastic students.
  • Introduction of Model United Nations (MUN) for students.
  • Career and personal counselling to help the children make university, stream and other academic decisions.
  • Leadership positions across head girl/head boy, captains, and prefects, to help empower students and build their decision-making skills.


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The Cygnus Parents

Along with our students, we also maintain a close-knit relationship with their parents. After all, you are their first teacher!

Here is what the parents of high school students at Cygnus World School have to say about us:

My kids have had an exceptional experience at Cygnus. The educators get to know your child individually and push them to levels they can and should achieve. The interpersonal relationship between the teacher and students is maintained, be it in academics or sport. My kids share a very special bond with Cygnus.
Mamta Khera
P/o Saisha Khera
Grade: XI
My family is very impressed with the Cygnus team. All the activities are carried out in great detail. I was particularly impressed by the idea of collecting funds by selling paintings of the students for the Adivasi community. When we joined the school, both my children were welcomed so positively by all the teachers. Right from the security in the school to the organising of annual functions; I salute the constant enthusiasm of the Cygnus team.
Kartik Bhatt
P/o Miti Bhatt
Grade: IX
The holistic approach of the school towards the development of my ward is commendable. I appreciate the effort put in by the Cygnus team to develop the aptitude knowledge and thinking skills of their students. I feel so proud to be a Cygnite’s parent.
Rajni Sinha
P/o Aanchal Sinha
Grade: IX
It’s rather difficult to find the words to describe Cygnus World School. It is a school that she looks forward to going to no matter what the day may have in store for her, and she comes back home with a smile and has so much to tell. The management and teachers always feel that the child comes first. The decision to change schools and opt for Cygnus World School was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Sherie Maria Lobo
P/o Esther Lobo
Grade: X
We moved to Vadodara from Delhi last year and the praise from a few colleagues made us choose Cygnus World School. We haven’t regretted the decisions. Personalised attention with an emphasis on all-round development, complete involvement of the teachers in each facet of students life, are a few distinguishing points.
Rishi Nath Jha
P/o Aakash Nath Jha
Grade: VIII

A Clean, Green and Smart Campus

Spread across 7.3 acres of land, our campus houses a separate high school infrastructure with its own
designated sports ground and multidisciplinary areas.

For Green construction and eco-friendly infrastructure of the school.
For availing Green and sustainable practices within the school.
For maintaining clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Bulletin Board


Nanhe Sitare

An inter-school competition organized by Anand Prep Academy for the little champs. The children engaged in interesting and fun-filled activities. Cheviot Kids enthusiastically participated and won laurels for their brilliant performances.



Rakshabandhan was celebrated enthusiastically with our Cheviot children on the 20th of August, 2021. The celebration began with a video that made the children aware that we also have to love and respect all the support members of the society, with a special mention of loving and protecting Earth. Our kids tied the Rakhi to a plant and took an oath to protect and grow more plants. This way " Vriksha Bandhan" was celebrated auspiciously and children had a blast dancing at the end of the session.

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